Our Story

We are Axone

We are AXONE. We care about every move of your day! Our team has designed a well-built, functional and clean looking urban pack. We have spent countless hours working on and developing the best possible features of our bag to ensure that you make an “excellent move” every day. We founded our brand – Axone.

We believe the looks of the backpack really matter but we want more. People may not be interested in the function of the backpack straps, but this is the main factor that will affect your carrying experience. We want our customers to have the most relaxed and comfortable bag carrying experience possible, customer happiness is at the heart of our company. Making small changes to the strap of the backpack, will create a more comfortable experience for the user. Our innovative features on the bag gives our customer a tailor-made bag they are able to customise to their body shape and preference.

X Concept From Innovation to Impact

We believe there is a better way to design the daily backpack. Letter X integrated into our logo starting from the successful prototype of our Pure X System. Axone’s logo color from black to light grey represented our backpack transfer the loading from heavy to light.


Our Team

Our team members are from the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. We are a group of backpack enthusiast with different field of expertise.

A better World

Our products opt to use durable yet eco-friendly materials to extend the product life. The cost of sustainability is higher, but we want to be a part of the change for a better world. We are committed to positive and social environmental impact.

Environmental Responsibility

Duraflex is the first trims bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER. YKK zipper also has furthered its sustainability efforts by becoming an ecosystem partner with bluesign®. Durable Nylon Ripstop fabric with Teflon® finish, Duraflex® buckes and YKK zipper are famous for their top quality and durability. The tear resistant nylon ripstop fabric extends the products life.